Proven experience as

Industry Pioneers

in e-commerce

Scalable systems handling

50 million+

orders per month

Personalized and Targeted

10 billion+

visits per month


Machine Learning


Retail Intelligence

Flipkart Pricing Manager

Price products optimally based on your business goals, constraints and response from competition.

AI based Pricing recommendations

Competitive Intelligence - automated periodic crawls

Dynamic rule-based pricing

Advanced Reporting & analytics console


Flipkart Ads Manager

Monetize your traffic. Display ads across your online properties using our platform to skyrocket your earnings.

White label solution tailored for e-commerce

Guaranteed Data isolation and security

Full e-commerce funnel attribution

Brand insights & reporting to optimize targetting

Fraud Management

Flipkart Fraud Manager

Don’t let fraudulent returns get the better of your business. Use our services to predict them and strike first.

Real-time predictions on Returns

Rule Engine to configure business rules

Actionable recommendations on fraudulent returns

Dashboards & tools to enable manual actions


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