Proven experience as

Industry Pioneers

in e-commerce

Scalable systems handling

50 million+

orders per month

Personalized and Targeted

10 billion+

visits per month


Machine Learning


Retail Intelligence

Flipkart Pricing Manager

Price products optimally based on your business goals, constraints and response from competition.

AI based Pricing recommendations

Competitive Intelligence - automated periodic crawls

Dynamic rule-based pricing

Advanced Reporting & analytics console

Flipkart Assortment Manager

Tune your product selection to make it as comprehensive or differentiated as your competitors.

Assortment Planning tool - analyze competition

Recommendations tuned to your business goals

Built-in knowledge base to start a product category

SKU analyzer based on subset of product attributes


Flipkart Ads Monetization Platform

Generate a lucrative revenue stream. Display ads across your online properties using our platform to skyrocket your earnings.

White label solution tailored for e-commerce

Guaranteed Data isolation and security

Full e-commerce funnel attribution

Brand insights & reporting to optimize targetting

Fraud Management

Flipkart Returns Fraud Manager

Don’t let fraudulent returns get the better of your business. Use our services to predict them and strike first.

Real-time predictions on Returns

Rule Engine to configure business rules

Actionable recommendations on fraudulent returns

Dashboards & tools to enable manual actions

Flipkart Reseller Fraud Manager

Proactively distinguish resellers from genuine customers and keep them from leeching your earnings.

ML Models to identify resellers

Impact assessment of business rules

Data engineering to build targeted feature set

Audit trail of actions & scores


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